The season ahead is one in which we will ignite into all that God has for us.‘That girl is on fire!’ is our theme. Come join us in 2014 and burn.

Dare to be great!

It is my prayer that you will escape from the rut and routine of mediocrity and pursue your God-given purpose. I know what it means to see a dream transformed from a struggle to a reality. Now I want to share these proven principles with you.Right now is your time to take a giant step forward. Dare to be great!

Here to order Shaneen's book "Dare to be Great".

>>Upcoming Events <<
Shaneen Speaking at Sisters of South Africa
September 18 - 19, 2014
September 19 - 20, 2014  
Rivers Church
South Africa
Trailblazers History Day
Wednesday, 8th October
Venue to be confirmed
CAP Conference
9th - 11th October
Miami, USA
>>Past Events <<

AWC meetings at HTB
"This Girl Is On Fire"
12th June
HTB Brompton Road
Crypt Room, London SW7 1JA
7pm to 9pm
Shaneen Speaking
Sunday 22nd June 11am
Oxford Bible College
Headington, Oxford
National Woman's Conference
24-25 June
Shaneen Speaking
Wednesday, 28th April
Philadelphia Romanian Church
Portland, OR , USA
Premier Radio
16th April
Life Show woman to woman
Woman's Conference USA
2nd - 3rd May
Speaking at Anthem Church
Portland, Oregon, USA
HTB Leadership Conference
5th-6th May
Royal Albert Hall, London
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Shaneen Speaking
Sunday, 25th May 6.30pm
Baptist Church, Middlesex

Wednesday, 28th April
Philadelphia Romanian Church
Portland, OR , USA